Some new Updates ! 8 – 3 – 2012

hi guys this is rafeal msm posting .

today i signed in planetcazmo and i find some changes were in , and here what i find ,


and here are some new stuffs , mrs . crocodile has a new items lol , take a look


that’s all and if u guys have any suggestion just inform me by commenting here and i will be able to get yr comment to the moderetors , stay safe guys .

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Rafeal msm 2012 !!

     hi guys this is rafeal msm posting .

well guys today i became 790 days old in cazmo . i had fun from the first time i logen in here it was an amazing days with all of my friends . and when 2011 starts the game was set up without any updates or concerts and no more of my old friends are loging on . so i hope 2012 will be better i will contact all of my friends to get back here to help to improve planetcazmo more . so guys we need your help too , leave a comment here to what you want to see on planetcazmo . and i will try to contact planetcazmo team and chief ambassadors . and i will be back here after 10 days to see how many comments we get here and how many friends want planetcazmo to get back . thanck’s guys and try to inform all your friends to let them giving their opinion here .

 here are a picture that showing you my age on cazmo . 

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I’am Back !!

hi guys this is rafeal msm posting .

iam going to start updating my blog from now .. so e ready to see the last updates . as u know planetcazmo has going to down cuz there is no updates and no mods loging in by be sure that the mods start making updates so try to wait some time and u will see the last updates . iam making and connection with the mods i will try to make this game better better like n0w and more /

Rafeal msm

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updates !!

hi guys this is rafeal msm posting .

Here are the new Updates lets start .

Happy Holidays Cazmos from planet cazmo .

New Movie about Santa Claus never stop check it out .

And new banner for frin its so many games u can play .

click on it and it will show u that :

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